Mesh Fencing Panels

Fastline Fencing Supplies offers a range of mesh fencing panels to suit a variety of fencing applications from simple boundary demarcation to anti-climb security fencing.

Welded Mesh Panels

Welded mesh panels are made up of vertical and horizontal wires welded together to form a panel.

The panels can be made up of different thickness of wire welded together at different wire spacing to suit a variety of applications.

Lightweight wire panels with open spacing offer a cost effective way of creating a basic boundary fence around the perimeter of a property, while panels with heavier wire spaced more tightly offer improved security around facilities where there is more risk of malicious intrusion. 

Fastmesh 3D

V-Mesh Fencing Panels

Fastline Fencing's Fastmesh-3D V-mesh fencing panel is a rigid, lightweight welded mesh fencing panel ideal for perimeter fencing and boundary demarcation applications.

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Fastmesh 358

358 Mesh Fencing Panels

358 mesh fencing panels, often referred to as 'Prison Mesh', are a flat welded mesh fencing panel with tightly spaced wires making it a highly effective anti-climb fencing system.

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