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358 Mesh Fencing Kits | Fastmesh-358

358 Mesh Fencing Kits | Fastmesh-358

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The Fastline Fencing Supplies 358 Mesh Fencing Kits include all the fencing components needed to erect a run of 358 prison mesh fencing.

358 Mesh Fencing Kit

The kit includes all the 358 mesh fencing panels and posts (including clamp bars and fixings) required to make up the stated length of fencing (quantities vary depending on option selected).

*Note: all kits include an end post with all the required fixings to complete the fencing run.*

Post Mix Concrete will be required to install the fence posts in the ground, which can be added to the shopping cart on the Post Mix Concrete product page.

358 Mesh Fencing Information

358 mesh fencing is a heavy-duty mesh fence aimed at security focussed applications.

358 mesh fencing is often referred to as prison mesh as it is often used to keep people inside secure facilities, however it is just as effective at keep intruders out of sensative areas as well.

The mesh panel is made up from closly spaced (76.2mm vertical x 12.7mm horizontal) 4mm wires. This close spacing makes the panel difficult to climb due to the lack of foot holds, and gives the panel good anti-climb properties.

The panels are manufactured from pre-galvanised wire welded together at the crossing points, and are then given a protective powder coated finish to maximise the lifetime of the fence.

The posts are made from 60x60mm square hollow section (or 80x40mm for 3m fence heights) pre-galvanised steel which is given a powder coated finish.

All posts are supplied with a clamp bar for holding the mesh panels against the post.

The system is supplied for use on level ground, but can also be installed on inclines and uneven ground. This typically involves stepping the panels heights at the posts, and may require a portion of the panels to be buried, usually at the corners.

358 Mesh Fencing Installation

Installing 358 mesh fencing is quite simple.

Firstly the posts need to be installed in the ground at appropriote positions, which for 358 mesh fencing panels fixed with clamp bars is 2.47m centres.

358 mesh panels are actually 2.515m wide, however they overlap on the posts, hence the slightly narrower post centres.

Once the posts are installed, the fencing panels can be offered up to the post, overlapping 2nr panels at the post as mentioned above.

The supplied clamp bar is then positioned over the overlapped section of the panels, then the M8 bolts supplied can be pushed through the clamp bar slots and the posts slots, the the M8 snap-off nut can be placed onto the bolt and turned until the hexagonal end snaps off, preventing anyone tampering with the fixing.

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