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V-Mesh Fencing Kits | Fastmesh-3D45

V-Mesh Fencing Kits | Fastmesh-3D45

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The Fastline Fencing Supplies V-Mesh Fencing Kits include all the fencing components needed to erect a run of v-mesh fencing.

V-Mesh Fencing Kit

The kit includes all the v-mesh fencing panels and posts (including fixings) required to make up the stated length of fencing (quantities vary depending on option selected).

*Note: all kits include an end post with all the required fixings to complete the fencing run.*

Post Mix Concrete will be required to install the fence posts in the ground, which can be added to the shopping cart on the Post Mix Concrete product page.

V-Mesh Fencing Information

V-mesh fencing is a lightweight, easy-to-install, and versatile fencing system which provides a basic level of security and boundary demarcation.

The v-mesh fencing panels supplied are Fastline Fencing's Fastmesh-3D45 panels. These panels are made up from 5mm diameter horizontal and 4mm diameter vertical pre-galvanised wire with a protective powder coated finish to maximise the lifetime of the fence.

The posts are made from 60x60mm square hollow section pre-galvanised steel pre-fitted with threaded inserts for attaching the fencing panels.

The system is supplied for use on level ground, but can also be installed on inclines and uneven ground. This typically involves stepping the panels heights at the posts, and may require a portion of the panels to be buried, usually at the corners.

V-Mesh Fencing Installation

Installing v-mesh fencing is very simple.

Firstly the posts need to be install in the ground at appropriate positions, with centres at 3.015m to suit the 3m fencing panel width.

Once the posts are installed, the fencing panels can be offered up between the fencing posts and secured using the fence clips and inserting the M8 security fittings into the threaded inserts pre-installed in the fence posts.

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