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Fastline Fencing Supplies

Palisade Fencing Fixing Kit

Palisade Fencing Fixing Kit

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The Fastline Fencing Supplies Palisade Fencing Fixings Kit includes all the bolts, security nuts, and fish plates required for fixing one standard 2.75m long, 2nr horizontal rail bay of steel security palisade fencing.

Palisade Fencing Fixing Kit

Each kit includes the fixings required for one palisade fencing post, and one bay of palisade rails and fencing pales. The specifi items included and their quantities are as follow:

  • 34nr M8 W section bolts
  • 34nr M8 snap off security nuts
  • 2nr palisade fencing fishplates
  • 4nr M12 bolts
  • 4nr M12 snap off security nuts

The M8 fixings are for fixing the vertical palisade pales to the horizontal support rails, and the M12 fixings are for fixing the horizontal rails to the standard slotted palisade fencing posts using the fishplates also provided.

Fixing Kit Bags

The kits are conveniently bagged into an individual bays worth of fixings to make organisation on site simple, and removing the need for counting out the right amount of fixings on site so you can get on with the installation.

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