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Ball Top Railing Kits

Ball Top Railing Kits

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The Fastline Fencing Supplies Ball Top Railing Kits include all the fencing components needed to erect a run of ball top metal railing.

Ball Top Railing Kit

The kit includes all the ball top railing panels and posts (including fixings) required to make up the stated length of fencing (quantities vary depending on option selected).

*Note: all kits include an end post with all the required fixings to complete the fencing run.*

Post Mix Concrete will be required to install the fence posts in the ground, which can be added to the shopping cart on the Post Mix Concrete product page.

Ball Top Metal Railing Information

Ball top metal railing is an classic metal railings system seen in many places all around the country, from private gardens, to public parks.

The ball top railing panels are Fastline Steel Services ball top fencing panels, manufactured in Willenhall, Staffordshire.

The panels are made up from 12mm diameter round steel bars topped with a 30mm diameter solid steel ball, and welded to 40x8 flat bar horizontal steel rails.

The vertical bars of the railing are at consistent 112mm centres.

The overall width of the panels is 2.72m. When installed with the posts each railing bay is 2.8m long.

The height of the fencing given includes a 75mm ground clearance underneath the panel to allow for small changes in ground level along the fence line.

The posts are made from 50x50mm square hollow sections steel, and include a welded cap, and are pre-drilled to accept the loose cleats and bolt fixings supplied with every post.

All panels and posts are hot dip galvanised and powder coat finished to prevent rusting and corrosion, and maximise the lifetime of the railings. 

The railings are supplied in full 2.8m long fencing bays. However the panels can be cut back with a hand powered metal saw to suit places where full panels are too long, usually at the end of a fencing run, or at the corners of a plot.

The loose cleats include slots and can be used to allow the panels to be stepped to suit shallow inclines.

Ball Top Railing Installation

Installing ball top metal railing is very simple.

Firstly the posts need to be install in the ground at appropriate positions, with centres at 2.8m to suit the 2.72m fencing panel width.

Once the posts are installed, the loose cleats can be loosely fitted into the pre-drilled holes in the post.

The metal railing panels can then be bolted to the cleats.

As the railing cleats are slotted in both directions, final small adjustments can be made to ensure the panel is level. Once this is done, the bolts can be tightened up, and the snap-off nuts can be tightened until the hexagonal end comes away to provide a secure, anti-tamper fixing.

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