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Anti-Fall Gate Restrainer

Anti-Fall Gate Restrainer

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The stainless steel gate restrainer is a safety tether that prevents gates falling in the event of hinge failure.  This strong but simple device is essential for swing gates when there is potential for the gate to fail and cause fatal harm to pedestrians and property.

Simply drill a 13mm hole into the gate and a corresponding 13mm hole into the post, and slot the end stops through the holes.  The plastic bushes then push into the holes to give a neat finish and to prevent the wire from scratching the gate.

  • Heavy duty – Strongly constructed from flexible braided stainless steel wire and stainless steel end stops
  • Easy to fit – just needs 2x 13mm holes
  • Adaptable – Fits on any box section gate and can easily be retro-fitted
  • Neat and unobtrusive – makes a nice finish to any gate of any colour!
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