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Interlocking Security Keep | Gatemaster Superlock

Interlocking Security Keep | Gatemaster Superlock

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The Gatemaster Interlocking Security Keep is a bolt on item that acts as a receiver for the latchbolt, removing the need for drilling a bolt hole in the gate post.

The keep also prevents access to the latchbolt, and an interlocking tongue passes through the corresponding hole in the gate bracket preventing the gate from being levered away from the post.

The keep acts as a gate stop (limiting the opening to just one direction); and a strike plate for the locking bolt, protecting the gate posts, and providing a smoother closing action.

Simply mount the gate slam plate onto the gate frame when fixing the lock and use the expanding fasteners to fix the keep onto the gate post.

The Gatemaster Interlocking Security Keep can be used on left or right hand gates.

  • Secure – Prevents access to the latchbolt and the interlocking tongue ensures the gate cannot be levered off the post
  • Improves gate appearance – Slim design improves gate appearance
  • Quiet closing – the integral rubber buffers prevent the gate banging shut
  • Versatile – Gate keep is simple and easy to fit to a wide range of applications
  • Weatherproof – pre-galvanised and black powder-coated to ensure longevity

The Gatemaster Interlocking Security Keep can be found here.

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